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Extra Soft dried Pineapple chunks
The portions of pineapple dried extratierna elaborated by Conservas Calanda, are a product that surprises for its juiciness and excellent flavor. Selecting the fruits with the optimum point of maturation and healthy, we proceed to its preparation in portions for dehydration.

As in the rest of dried fruit, its properties when dehydrated do not suffer significant variations except in regard to water.

The fruit contained in this container is equivalent to 250g of fresh fruit.

The useful life of the article is 4 months if it is kept in refrigeration (4 to 8 ºC), although this product is kept in perfect conditions at room temperature for a period of 7 days. Once the container is opened, it is recommended to store it in the refrigerator and consume it in the following 4 days.

Dried pineapple 2kg. tray Dried pineapple 225g tray