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Olive Paté
Conservas Calanda Olive Pate or paste is made using black Empeltre Olives or Green Caspe Olives, just at the point of ripeness and salting. With no preservatives or artificial colouring whatsoever.

The pulp obtained through the removal of the skin and stone using purely mechanical processes, give rise to a smooth oily paste with a concentrated olive taste.

Perfect on a slice of toasted bread or combined with other flavours such as cottage cheese, anchovies, tuna, pasta salads or rice. It is the ideal base to prepare tapenade with anchovies and capers.

There are two varieties of Olive Pate: Black and Green.

All in 100 g glass jars and with Black Olives also in 220 y 680 g jars .

Aragon Black Olive Pate 100 g Green Caspe Olive Pate 100 g Aragon Black Olive Pate 220 g Aragon Black Olive Pate 680 g